Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kitchen Sink

Don't know about you, but I still bathe my 2 year old in the Kitchen Sink.
Yum loves to take a bath but hates going to the park sprinklers, something I don't understand. He loves washing up in the sink, especially during the hot humid weather.

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Kolcraft Contour Tandem Stroller

I recently had the opportunity to test drive a Kolcraft Contour Tandem Stroller. We received it this past Friday, and I immediately put it together and popped the kids in for a ride around the neighborhood.
I was asked to try it out for a week or two and fill out a pro/con type of survey. Which I will gladly do.
Pro:*Great looking stroller*Seats are spacious and can be turned either front or back with ease*The underside basket is HUGE, I was able to fit my double diaper bag, two grocery shopping bag sized bags of clothing. Along with other misc. items you need to bring a 2 year old to the park.*It was very easy to clean.*It was easy to push with one hand if needed.*It has great handles on the side for little ones to grab onto.*Hard to pop up the stroller to either get off of a curb or up onto the curb to get onto the sidewalk.
Cons:*While in the park I went to pop it up and move it to another location, one front wheel hit the curved leg of a picnic table and the wheel popped off.*While walking on what I thought was even ground, I hit a crack in the concrete and the hot coffee splashed out of my cup and had I had my oldest facing me it would have burned his shins. The coffee cup was a little less than 3/4 of the way full.*I took the stroller through mud, and the mud caked up the tires and made pushing more difficult. I believe there needas to be more room between the wheel itself and the frame part. Dried leaves also clogged up the space between the tires and the frame.
So far I think this stroller is perfect for strolls around the neighborhood, but definitely not for crowded areas, or more urban settings. If you live in an area where there are smooth streets with no curbs this stroller is perfect. But if you like me live in New York City, it stroller is great for a bit awkward to maneuver around.

Emily Came

Emily has joined our family. She was welcomed on June 21st, 2009 - the absolute best gift I could have possibly given the hubby. And a not so shabby present to Yum Yum and Sporty.
Today she is exactly 4 weeks old, and I barely remember life without her little face. Yum is amazing with her always looking for her and when he doesn't find her in the usual places he asks,"Where's the baby? Where is Embilly?" and when he does find her he yells."It's ok Mommy,I find her!"