Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hallmark Wrapping Paper

So, today we have this kiddie party to go to. Of course I am behind on things that I should have done yesterday or the day before. For the last month I have been buying little items here and there, for kids birthdays I love to give a toy gift and a creative gift.

I have been using AFullCup (an amazing coupon/savings forum) to find the best deals for my Creative Box. In it I have crayons, construction paper, glue sticks, tracing paper, felt pieces, buttons, glitter sticks, scissors, a ruler, and some other artsy odds and ends.

And last night I went to Toys R Us, for a toy toy. Andres loves cars and trucks, things he can shove in his pocket and play with whenever. While at TRU I picked up some clearance gift wrap made by Hallmark for $1.90, it was partly crushed (no doubt from an impromptu duel ),but otherwise in perfect condition. The items I bought would only need a few feet and not the entire length.

Well last night was hectic and this morning just as flighty. Yum Yum took his nap, Sporty and DH headed to the barbershop, I decided to wrap everything. A bit nervous because I am a notorious over wrapper, and I can't cut a straight line if I was paid my weight in gold. I waste lots and lots of wrapping paper.

You can't imagine my surprise when I noticed that on the reverse side of the wrapping paper there was a GRID. I was able to cut and fold neatly, not a piece wasted !!!!! Who would have thought that a simple grid pattern could be so darn useful. I swear it added at least a half an hour to my day, and less gray hair on my head. Thanks Hallmark!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Housekeeping Magazine - Grrrr

I have to say I have been an advid reader of Good Housekeeping Magazine for as long as I can remember. In my days of commuting to and from work, reading a book is just not an option. I am not on the train long enough to get into a good book the way advid readers like. So my material of choice are magazines. Being a mom of 2 and a semi-full time worker, I love magazines that offer me alternatives.
I love the fact that Good Housekeeping tries out each and every product they advertise or write about. They give honest reviews, reviews that I know I can trust.

But I have to say I am more than a bit miffed, that the magazine I purchased from my neighborhood store simply fell apart on me, while on a packed subway no less. When the first pages started to slip out, I was a bit confused. I so mushed I barely had room to turn a page, plus I had the magazine folded in half than half again long ways. So I would have to read 1/3 of the page, smooth the fold out some, read the middle column, than unfold -re crease and read the last column. But I paid it no mind.

Upon reaching work I looked at the pages more carefully only to find that they were never "glued" in place to begin with. Ok, that's cool mistakes happen. On my way home from work tonight (this mornings experience behind me and not a thought in my head). I am comfy in my seat, space enough for the largest of subway riders. I take out my magazine to finish reading about a SAHM who got an opportunity of a life time, to shop in NYC, at the most elite of stores - on GH's Dime!!!! And slip- slip- slip, several more pages came out. It turns out half the book wasn't properly put together.

I am going to send a friendly email to the company in the morning, while this will not deter me from continuing to buy their magazine (because it is a absolute staple in my life) it will make me wiggle randoms pages from now on.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do A Little Dance

I got these pictures emailed to me at work this morning, Yum Yum spent the night at his grandparents so that I could head into work extra early.
These shots sure did make my morning. Hope you like!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beach Time

We finally got a chance to head to the beach this past weekend. I was a bit scared at first, with this being Yum Yum's first time seeing sand. Never mind actually walking on it, poor kid can't stand the feel of grass on his toes, I could only imagine the horrifying look on his face once he was plopped on the beach.

Well all went exactly as I had dreamed the night before. He was so enthralled by the feeling and at times the taste of it that I had more fun watching him dig and fling and spit out, than anything else that happened that day.

PhotobucketSporty was in his element, even though there were a massive amount of jelly fish floating around, he found a way to have a great time. No much of a beach swimmer , he prefers wading and playing ball in the surf. Once he got over his fear of the jelly fish, he opted to spend the rest of the day catching and chucking the jelly fish he found along the shore line.

We had as good of a time as we had hoped, if only all family outings were as smooth.