Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Book Group Anyone?

I am an avid reader. While I passing through another random blog today, I noticed the blogger had a goal of 52 books in 52 weeks. I thought what a great idea, I am definitely going to put that on the top of my New Year's Resolution this year. Why wait, well what else am I going to ask for for Xmas!

I am known for reading within my core group of friends. I am the one with a book at a Mets/Yankee game, the one sitting next to the grill at family gatherings eyes glazed over "watching a movie" as I call it.

A few days ago I read about a club bouncer in Queens, NY who was assaulted sometime after work. The attacker gouged out his eyes, a passerby found the bouncer with his eyes out of their sockets. Needless to say, the poor bouncer is forever blind!

Aside from my initial though of OMG how horrible not to be able to see family, friends or his children (should he have any or eventually have), but he can no longer read! Sure he can learn Braille, but will it still be the same.

Over the next few weeks I am going to research what books I would like to add to my Christmas list, I have already set up an account, and list my books that I have. Although I am not sure how I will do with that, since loaning out, donating, giving away or god forbid tossing out a book is almost as traumatic as loosing my wallet on the train.

Standing In Death

I am not quite sure how creepy this would be, shoot I am not even sure I would attend the wake. If my homie died (especially if it was still a mystery) I don't know if I could stand the sight of walking into his mothers house to mourn, only to see him propped up in the corner.

As a mom, I would think I would want to carry out my child's last wishes, but umm I don't know. To me he looks like a party straggler, you know the one who just doesn't want to leave. Rather than a tragic end to a very young life.

Angel Pantoja Medina was found under a bridge in Puerto Rico, he had always said that he wanted to stand in death. WTF - what kind of life was he living that at 24 y/o he knew he wanted to be gangsta at his own funeral. Shit, what if he face was blown off instead, would he still have wanted to stand in death and scare the bejesus out of his mother.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Tripped Upstairs And Landed In Bangcock!

So I was minding my own business walking up the stairs on 42nd Street, this woman was pulling half dragging her son up the stairs in a race to get to the 7 train. I was drinking my Lite Ice Venti Extra Vanilla Cafe Latte ( yeah I'm one of those), when the little kid tripped causing me to step up and over (skipping a step) I tripped up 2-3 stairs and headbutted a large mans belt buckle!!!.
I tried to reach for something to break my fall, BUT there was nothing!
My forehead hit him smack dab on a big ass buckle.

My first thought, what is he from Texas. OMG! Do I have the Texas meadow map imprinted on my forehead! And DAMN my neck hurt.

I step back to face my embarrassment head on, only to see that the big man is trying his darnedest to stop from laughing so hard. I stood up a bit to untangle my hair from his buckle as quickly as I could, mumbled a I'm sorry and sped away ASAP.