Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Party Over Here, Ain't Nothing Over There -Pic Heavy

We hosted a Baby Shower Saturday Sept. 12th 2009. And had a blast! I have learned that no baby shower is complete without a fierce game of Charades !

We decorated Onsies for the baby to be.
I made the chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos and Eliane and I made chocolate lollipops. Millie and I painted over 100 butterflies, we had butterfly picture frames, wind charms & sun catchers.
Elaine decorated the umbrella.
Now on to Charades!

Mikes card was sailboat.
Whatchu know about the standup worm!

Even the mommy to be got into it.

My hubby acting out a onsie!!

Midway through the babies couldn't hang.

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The recession has hit the squirrels hard

I as woken up from my nap by my oldest screaming there is a squirrel in the house. He was right, they ripped through my kitchen screen and stole some raisin bread. Apparently the island "squirrel lady" lost her job and hasn't been feeding them as often lately... Just my luck.

This is him.

I named him Sandys Bitch
He came back with a friend.... can you see him.

The funniest kid I know

And she ROLLED !!

This is what staying home is all about !!

Here is the setup

She's going.....Gone !!!!!!
Snack time!

Law & Order SVU: Hardwired

My oldest had the absolute pleasure of being on the set of Law & Order SVU last week 9/09/2009. We received and email from his wrestling coach that a casting agency was looking for a few wrestlers as extras on an episode.
We were on set for about 6 hours and he had tremendous fun.. take a look at some of the pics.