Thursday, September 24, 2009

Art ... Color of the Day is RED !

Today was Art Class, and boy did he have a good time. He impresses me with how well he plays with the other children. He is kind and uses his manners. Every morning before class I take a few minutes as I am getting him dressed to go over the rules, I let him know what I expect from him and how he is supposed to act. I have made a game out of is, a guessing game of sorts. I ask him what he is allowed to do and he will reply behave, and I will ask what he is not allowed to do and he will say either hit or bite. As we walk next door we go over how he is to listen to the teacher and say please and thank you and not take any toys from the other children. So far so good! Tomorrow is music, he wants to play the drums.

Afterward we went to the park and played in the sprinklers. We had to add something for Emily to do, as she was such a good girl during class today.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Man Turned 13

So Steve turned 13 a few weeks ago and refused a proper party, he wanted no presents (just cash lol ) no balloons no fanfare no nothing. So we invited over some family and friends for what I call Dinner Outside. I cooked a lot, we ate a lot and definitely LAUGHED A LOT

1st Audition

Emily has her first audition, for a print ad campaign!! I can so see her on the box of a childrens toy !!!


We had the pleasure of going our neighborhood kids group. Yesterday was our first day, he still hasn't stopped talking about playing with the "new" kids lolol