Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Tripped Upstairs And Landed In Bangcock!

So I was minding my own business walking up the stairs on 42nd Street, this woman was pulling half dragging her son up the stairs in a race to get to the 7 train. I was drinking my Lite Ice Venti Extra Vanilla Cafe Latte ( yeah I'm one of those), when the little kid tripped causing me to step up and over (skipping a step) I tripped up 2-3 stairs and headbutted a large mans belt buckle!!!.
I tried to reach for something to break my fall, BUT there was nothing!
My forehead hit him smack dab on a big ass buckle.

My first thought, what is he from Texas. OMG! Do I have the Texas meadow map imprinted on my forehead! And DAMN my neck hurt.

I step back to face my embarrassment head on, only to see that the big man is trying his darnedest to stop from laughing so hard. I stood up a bit to untangle my hair from his buckle as quickly as I could, mumbled a I'm sorry and sped away ASAP.

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