Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hallmark Wrapping Paper

So, today we have this kiddie party to go to. Of course I am behind on things that I should have done yesterday or the day before. For the last month I have been buying little items here and there, for kids birthdays I love to give a toy gift and a creative gift.

I have been using AFullCup (an amazing coupon/savings forum) to find the best deals for my Creative Box. In it I have crayons, construction paper, glue sticks, tracing paper, felt pieces, buttons, glitter sticks, scissors, a ruler, and some other artsy odds and ends.

And last night I went to Toys R Us, for a toy toy. Andres loves cars and trucks, things he can shove in his pocket and play with whenever. While at TRU I picked up some clearance gift wrap made by Hallmark for $1.90, it was partly crushed (no doubt from an impromptu duel ),but otherwise in perfect condition. The items I bought would only need a few feet and not the entire length.

Well last night was hectic and this morning just as flighty. Yum Yum took his nap, Sporty and DH headed to the barbershop, I decided to wrap everything. A bit nervous because I am a notorious over wrapper, and I can't cut a straight line if I was paid my weight in gold. I waste lots and lots of wrapping paper.

You can't imagine my surprise when I noticed that on the reverse side of the wrapping paper there was a GRID. I was able to cut and fold neatly, not a piece wasted !!!!! Who would have thought that a simple grid pattern could be so darn useful. I swear it added at least a half an hour to my day, and less gray hair on my head. Thanks Hallmark!

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