Sunday, August 3, 2008

OMAC Cooking Anyone?

I have decided that this months food shopping will be dedicated to saving me not only money but time.

I am in the process of compiling a list of family friendly freezable recipes and I will attempt to take an entire weekend (hopefully the weekend after next) and do nothing but cook. I have already see some troubles I may come across and will work the next two weeks to minimize the impact these bumps may have on my days of cooking.

This week I plan on figuring out how many pounds of this, ounces of that, tbs. of this, and the oh don't forget a dash or two of this also. I am hoping that the in-laws will accept Yum Yum into their humble abode, in exchange for some extra dishes should their be any.

I will also attempt (next week) to get all of my cleaning and organizing of our apartment to a point where a full weekend of not picking up, putting away, tossing or packing away wont throw me into a whirl wind of ooey gooey omg I need to move state of mind. I will wash all my pots and pans, take an inventory of all measuring cups, sort out my Tupperware and reorganize my top freezer and my deep freezer.

I plan on shopping this Saturday (hopefully without Yum Yum and while Sporty and DH are at football practice), and hope to chop, peel and separate my ingredients. That is IF I am able to find all the items I need.

Next week I will clean and organize, and fit is some ready - getting ready for cook days.

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