Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beach Time

We finally got a chance to head to the beach this past weekend. I was a bit scared at first, with this being Yum Yum's first time seeing sand. Never mind actually walking on it, poor kid can't stand the feel of grass on his toes, I could only imagine the horrifying look on his face once he was plopped on the beach.

Well all went exactly as I had dreamed the night before. He was so enthralled by the feeling and at times the taste of it that I had more fun watching him dig and fling and spit out, than anything else that happened that day.

PhotobucketSporty was in his element, even though there were a massive amount of jelly fish floating around, he found a way to have a great time. No much of a beach swimmer , he prefers wading and playing ball in the surf. Once he got over his fear of the jelly fish, he opted to spend the rest of the day catching and chucking the jelly fish he found along the shore line.

We had as good of a time as we had hoped, if only all family outings were as smooth.

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