Thursday, July 10, 2008

Short And Sweet

I am here !! Finally after much thinking and wanting to do - I DID !!
I am a 29 y/o mommy to Sport (11 shockingly turning 12 in a few weeks) and Yum Yum ( who I still cannot believe has been on earth 15 month already).
I have been in a long term relationship with J for 5 years.
I work part time in the City, and love being a homemaker full time. I love the idea of organization and planning ahead, but can't seem to incorporate it into my life. I try, really try ..... but it never seems to work out the way it should.

I have accepted the simple facts of my life with no remorse, I will never be graceful (although I still work on that all the time), I will never become a mathemetician and I will never have a Martha Stewart house. - Although I find it hard to belive that Martha herself has a Martha Stewart house - well not if she had to clean and organize it all by her lonesome.

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Jackie said...

You know Martha doesn't clean it herself, hmmph! Hahaha!