Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Thirty Really That Bad

We had a birthday bash for a friend of ours this weekend, she turned 30. She was pretty down about it, and I don't quite understand why.

I will be thirty in a few months, I am carrying my third child and am in love with where I am at in life.

When I pulled her aside and asked her what she really was thinking she couldnt describe her feelings. So I simply said hey we are great mothers to great kids who have thought we were way beyond 30 ever since they learned how to count and thought there were 100 people in the world. She laughed and seemed to lighten up.

Being the only pregnant and sober person at the gathering didn't seem so bad when I realized that I was just as crazy sober as some of these people were when they were two sheets to the wind. Have fun looking at some of our pics...

We come from near and far, upper class and lower class, but nothing matters when we need each other.
Above is a picture of my cousin Danielle AKA Bootsie, she recently lost over 130lbs. I am ooh soo proud of her.
This is the most amazing man I have ever met in my life, if I had the ability to clone him I would. Then pass him out to every woman I saw. I am glad he is in my life because not only do I love him dearly - but because I deserve him.

Yes I know I have the balance of a FLAMINGOOOOOO...

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