Monday, April 20, 2009

Giveaways that need to be screamed out loud

I came across thsi great site this morning they have a huge amount of giveaways. Unfortunatly some of them are coming to an end pretty soon, but I am confident they will have more giveaways soon enough.

Personally I am signing up for them all and will be sitting around with my fingers and arms crossed, hoping that I win something.

I have entered the following contests through by clicking here. . This company is offering some amazingly designed and cordinated patterned slings and pouches. And for anyone living on Roosevelt Island you have seen me carrying Yum on my chest from near birth. And have heard me talk about how easy and comfortable it is. has great prices and even offers organic fabrics. This contest ends April 26th.

The ERGObaby carrier - which I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE, I was lucky enough to have a friend who had several of these and she loaned me one or two when I wanted a change in carrier style. I found that this type of carrier is far more superior compared to other buckle/snap carrier models, I am sure it has to do with the construction and quality of fabric. The ERGObaby carrier in my opinion is an absolute must have on your list of babywearing items.

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