Monday, April 20, 2009

Time has flown.....

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On April 4th my youngest turned 2 years old. I cannot believe it. After having my oldest son at the young age of 17 and working like a dog to keep us off of public assistance, I never thought I would have more children. Especially as Sporty got older and older, I kind of thought of having another child as a regression rather than a progression.

Anyway after meeting hubby and falling head over heels in love with him, and knowing he wanted children of his own. We planned a child together. Who knew that 2 months later, several days of debating and about 8 home pregnancy tests. I would leave a nervous voicemail message letting him know that he will be a daddy in a few months.

Yum Yum has been nothing but smiles, fun and loving feels from day one. And he continues to be as happy and healthy as he always was. He is one of the most content kids I have ever met. I call him water child not because he loves the bath (which he does) but because he simply goes with the flow.

We planned a large kiddie party in a party place for the week after his actual birthday, but received some backlash from some adults in our families who wanted to celebrate his birthday with him also. So we decided on having a house party - extremely simple- pizza and cupcakes.

Yum received the greatest gift ever - a Diego book bag. It was the first present he opened, when seeing what it was he promptly announced "Okay, no more presents!!!" I nearly peed my pants because he got all red and started shaking with excitement the then ran to his toy shelf and started stuffing all of his little toy figurines into the book bag. It was hysterical to watch.

It turned out great. Enjoy the pics.

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