Friday, August 15, 2008

Get to Houseparty NOW! has come great parties coming out for the month of September. There are two that I really would like, the first being the Cannon Scrapbooking Party and the other being the Better Homes And Garden Party. Both would be helpful in my life, more so the Better Homes And Garden Party, as much as I love a clean and comfy apartment, I hate cleaning. Which I do on a daily basis.

I clean and I clean and I organize to no avail. It seems that when I lay down to sleep, my possessions find themselves a new place to live, and apparently they like to move around. No item in my house has a definite home. One day I tell ya I'm going to be organized to the gills and have soooooooo much time to mush around that I may go crazy.

Now the Cannon Scrapbooking Party I would love to get, this party would force me to have fun doing something that I truly love. Now I am not an expert scrapbooker, but I am no novice. I love designing photo books online. Mostly from Shutterfly or SnapFish. I love the cute little ditties that come along with scrapbooking.

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