Thursday, August 14, 2008

Max Factor Bzzagent Campaign !

This week I received a new campaign from Now I am not your wear makeup to check the mail kinda girl. I am more the makeup to go to a wedding type. I just don't have the brain space to remember to touch up, reapply or even remember to put it on type.

So when I was offered the Max Factor campaign I jumped at the chance to review and chat about a (from what I hear) great cosmetic company. My campaign box included, mascara, blush, a blush brush,some kind of all day stay on lipstick and let's not forget my favorite thing in the world COUPONS!! I have decided that I will wear one, or all three everyday for the duration of the campaign and be honest about how it feels and how it stands up to my everyday life.

Monday was my first try out and it went well, the mascara when I rubbed my eyes didn't bother me at all and stayed on, it didn't flake off or give me a smokey eye. The blush was no where to be seen around 2pm, and I really did not like the feel of the blush brush. I didn't remember to bring it any of the makeup with me, so that was not so good. The lipstick however not only stayed on all day, but the next morning when I woke up, the lipstick was still look ultra sexy. And yeah I showered, lol.

I decided to reapply only the mascara and blush remembering to stash all the makeup in my book bag. (sorry I am not a purse wearing kinda girl either). I did have to reapply the blush a few times during the day, with only a slight fear of breaking out (as I have fairly sensitive skin). But the mascara was standing tall. No need to touch that up! The lipstick was still in great shape although I love the way the it looks faded and wished not to reapply.

So far I really like their products, and will keep yall updated on how it goes.

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