Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Planning a Baby Party

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my last child yet my first girl. And hubby and I decided on throwing a Non-Baby Shower - Baby Shower. We are not looking for gifts or money, we are simply looking to celebrate our new baby to be and our first girl.

So I have decided on throwing a Hello Kitty Themed Party. I want it to be a girly party with a Baby To Be twist.I have decided to only decorate the tables in the HK Motif, using HK tablecovers and HK Mylar balloon center pieces that I will make myself. The rest of the room will be decorated in crepe paper streamers, and balloons in cordinating colors. And I am currently scouring the internet to get a HK customized banner made that would read Emily To Be Party.

Between our family and friends list tops out at about 50 adults and around 17 children. So it will be a decent sized party to plan. I am planning on serving a wide variety of finger foods and appetizers. Cheese and cracker platters, finger sandwiches, Tomato and fresh mozzarella platter, cold cut platter, fruit platters maybe get a 6-7ft Italian/American hero, with potato salad & macaroni salad sides, maybe some buffalo wings, etc. So that it will be a lite party not one of those heavy sit down buffet style parties.

I am hoping it turns out the way I have it pictured in my head, I will keep updating as things progress.

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