Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Killing Me

Tomorrow is my big Sonogram appointment!!!

I cannot wait I am hoping that I can get some sleep tonight. I really would love to have another boy - but in all truth and honesty I couldn't care less.

I would like a boy because I already have two and I am used to them lol - the idea of how different boys are from girls is what scares me.

I guess it's a double standard that I will have to get over should I be carrying a sweet loving mini me. I worry about scraped knees and busted lips and black eyes on little girls. I was one of those little girls, my legs hold many battle scars from climbing trees, playing street hockey and flag football. I never wanted to be a girl scout and sell cookies I wanted to join the boy scouts with my cousin Bird, he did all the cool things like backpacking and camping, he could get a patch if he learned how to make fire !!! I got a patch if I learned out to sew a patch ???

I guess I turned out fine.... I am sure my little girl will turn out fine???? Ahh we shall see tomorrows appointment is for 5pm. Only time will tell.

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