Saturday, January 31, 2009

So I am having a Girl

The last few days has been filled with tears and screams of joy.... not all coming from me. I have taking to looking at little girls around me oh so differently.
And I have noticed the following...

They whine and screech A LOT
They think they are just too cute for almost everything
They are sassy
They are insistent
They drive their mothers CRAZY
They are MOUTHY

And I have come to the following conclusions.

One of two things will happen

1. She will get her teeth knocked out the first time she gets too big for her britches. That gives her two shots at getting it right, once while she is young and the last chance when her adult teeth come in. If she is a hard study she won't get new teeth until she is old enough to get a good job with benefits and a good Dental Plan.


2. I give her a few years in public (2-4) depending on her of course. If all doesn't work out well she will become one with the house. People will ask me as I am walking down the street Hey Sasha, didn't you have a daughter after that little one their (pointing to Yum Yum) and I'll reply Yeah sure did! Stop by the house I'll let you peering in to the window!

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1 comment:

Riah said...

Ha, I don't have any girls, just three boys. One just turned 6 and the other two are 1 year old twins. I wanted a girl so bad but I do believe I'm DONE! Congrats on the princess. BTW, I love the sarcasm posts from you hehe. ...brings joy to my run of the mill day.