Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on Yum Yum's Appointment

Fridays appointment went very well, especially considering it was mostly about his dad and they did not have to take any blood from the baby.

The doctors were amazed to have such a complete history file on hubby 10 years later. They thanks his mother many times. We were told that since Hubby's strokes were arterial and not venous it was less likely to be hereditary which is a great thing for the baby!

We were told they will run tests on Hubby's blood and see what they find. If all tests come out fine and there are no signs of anything hereditary or looming, it may be possible that Hubby's blood is a bit more "sticky" than normal. They took 9 vials of blood from Hubby and we will find out the test results within 10 days.

While taking my family history it came out that DS Sporty and I bruise easily and that DS's nose bleeds that we just chocked up to him having sensitive blood vessels in his nose - might point to us have "loose" blood.

The doctor described it as a scale at one end there are people with "sticky" blood meaning they are more apt to clot faster than "normal" and on the other side there are Hemophiliacs. So that being said there is quite the possibility of DS Yum Yum and the baby that I am carrying might be smack dap in the middle. Meaning having both Hubby's blood (sticky) and my blood (loose), meaning they will be perfectly ok.

Well I'll update that when we get the results.

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