Saturday, January 31, 2009

Octuplet Mom......What the Hell ...... When is enough.... When is it considered a sickness

Mommy of 8 + 6 ranging from Brand new born to 7 years old!
I want to meet the doctor who okay'd allowing this women to have more children with obviously no plan for the aftermath.

So the last few days I have been following the news drama regarding the young mother who gave birth his past Monday to Octuplets. At first I was happy and filled with love for the couple who in my mind may not have been able to have children previously, and were blessed 8 times.
I had my own little story going, until slowly yet surely things kept coming out that tore away at my story. Now many people were quick to bash the poor women when they heard that she lived with her parents in a two bedroom house. NOT ME, I was like well everyone should have the right to have their own children should they choose. Some people have not found the "right" person and if they feel as though they are capable of taking care of a child or twins or maybe even triplets then so be it.

But then it came out that the woman had SIX other kids at home, WHAT THE FUCK! Sorry, that just came out. At what point do the doctors send this damn women for a head evaluation.

I know of couples who would do anything to have a child of their own, but cannot afford it. Yet this women had 6 separate pregnancies all via fertility treatments, how the hell did she afford them.

At what point does quality of life come in, who is supporting these children. When were her parents going to say hey enough is enough if you bring one more child into our house you will have to go.

I know of plenty of teenagers who had children who were told just that. I feel really badly for those children, the newborns and the older children, for I see only a very special man/woman will be able to handle a woman with 14 kids AT ANY AGE.

And I am not saying that she needs a man/woman in her life in order for her to help her raise her children. What I am saying is that she will eventually want companionship some where down the line and who will be crazy enough to get involved with someone like that.

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Hey hun
I'm the owner of blogging moms on cafemom.
I understand your feeling totally on this.
I know you were asking about CC.
I think you should do what u want with your blog. It has to reflect you. So go with what makes YOU happy. From blog theme to post.